Mary Siegel is a consultant who uses storytelling in her approach.

Mary has a transcultural background: she was born in the USA, her ancestors come from 5 different European countries. Her grandparents spoke English with many different accents. Mary has always been culturally aware. She has traveled extensively and settled in The Netherlands over 30 years ago. She is based in Rotterdam and holds both Dutch and American citizenship.

As a consultant, she has worked for many different organizations at congresses and meetings. She worked on culture change for many companies. She has also facilitated company growth processes. In her workshops she uses a blend of storytelling and cultural as well as psychological capacities in order to create awareness on cultural differences and inclusion. Mary Sue works with the themes of authenticity and creative leadership.

A selection of the companies and organizations she has done work for include:

Philips International
International Entertainment Education Association for Social Change
Starkey International
The City Government of Rotterdam
The European Association for Body Psychotherapy
The United States Government