Would you like to introduce a new, lively dimension to your classes? As an American storyteller and actress I offer a range of interactive performances and workshops that allow students a unique way of experiencing the English language in action.

Students are inspired and encouraged by listening to the stories so that they are better able to speak up and speak out in a public setting. This helps them to develop confidence and presentation skills.

My stories explore identity, gender roles, family roots, finding inspiration and expressing passion.

As the grandchild of immigrants from five different countries, I bring my own multicultural experience to this work, including my adopted life in the Netherlands.

Master Classes
I offer master classes for both students and teachers.
Students learn how to develop and tell their own stories.
Teachers develop their own storytelling skills so that the education they offer becomes rich with images and comes alive for their students.

I can also give an all-day program at your school, combining performance with teaching.